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Mercato Italia Agri-Food Sector - Business status report

Conserve Italia: «Enhancing the production of Italian farmer members»

Conserve Italia: «Enhancing the production of Italian farmer members»

«Conserve Italia is an agricultural cooperative that owns brands of historical importance, such as Cirio, and is a point of reference in the world of international large-scale distribution for quality branded products and private labels. Innovation is fundamental to our strategic positioning».

Diego Pariotti, foreign sales and marketing director, underlines that: «In the world of fruit, we’ve enhanced the raw material, reducing added sugars and enriching the juices with healthy nutrients. Regarding tomatoes and vegetables, we’ve reduced the use of salt in recipes and explored new types of packaging, such as legumes in Tetra Recart, or new technologies, such as the world of steamed-cooked products ». «We try to steer recipes towards a more distinctive and healthy offering: an indicative example is a tomato soup being launched in the US, which uses vegetable flours instead of dairy products, that vegan consumers will particularly appreciate». The mission is to enhance the supply chain of over 14,000 Italian cooperative members, from the seed through to the dining table. «At our seed company, called Tera Seeds, we’re working on the research and development of non-GMO seeds with varietal selections of plants with lower water requirements and greater natural resistance to disease».

«Fair trade - adds Pariotti - is fundamental to us. Unlike those who aim to maximise profit, our cooperative was founded to enhance the production of Italian farmer members, who have to be appropriately remunerated to ensure the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the supply chain. We’re committed to making our stakeholders understand this distinctive approach». Conserve Italia sells its products in 80 countries around the world and has sales and logistics offices in France (two plants), Spain (one plant), Germany and England. «In North America, we have a sales office in New Jersey and local logistics agreements that allow us to manage that market more closely. We also have an office in Australia, which allows us to be recognised as a legal entity for local supplies. We have managers who are resident in China and Southeast Asia».


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