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Mercato Italia Agri-Food Sector - Business status report

Clai: «Focus on the market, low environmental impact and quality products»

Clai: «Focus on the market, low environmental impact and quality products»

Product innovation represents a decisive competitive element on the market even for a company that produces cured meats. Clai's latest product is Imola 1962, a salami without preservatives and with a short list of ingredients; it’s a good product, without nitrites and nitrates, and safe from a dietary perspective.

Gianfranco Delfini, marketing director, explained: «Thanks to Clai’s expert staff and a 2-year research programme with Ciri, the Interdepartmental Centre for Agri-food Industrial Research at Bologna University, we were able to launch this particular specialty, responding to the needs of a growing number of consumers demanding natural products». The human factor is a company strength: «It means catering to everyone's needs, creating environments where people can grow professionally. Other priorities are a close relationship with the local community and implementing production processes with a low environmental impact, 100% Italian products and enhancing an integrated supply chain. We also allocate significant resources to R&D and focus on the market, continuously monitoring consumer satisfaction».

«Clai’s commercial organisation includes employees dedicated to both large-scale distribution and supervising foreign markets - explained Fabio Lorenzoni, Sales Director -. Italy’s large-scale distribution is directly supervised by a dedicated manager, while some brands, with which we have close partnerships, are supervised by the sales team using ad hoc product development projects. Concerning exports, we’re strengthening our commercial organisation in step with higher turnover, adding resources to supervise far away markets, too. Our Zuarina factory possesses all the necessary certifications for both the US and the Chinese markets».


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