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Bonduelle: “Leaders in the fourth range”

Bonduelle: “Leaders in the fourth range”

A reference point in product, process and technology innovation for the fourth range products sector. Last year, Bonduelle launched the first 4th range item in Italy without pesticide residues.

«It was the 200-gramme iceberg - explained Leonardo Trabattoni, commercial director BU Fresh -. It’s the result of a project that influences the entire supply chain, from cultivation to industrial processing of the products». In March of this year, the first item in the pgi (Protected Geographical Indication) 4th range saw the light, namely the 90-gramme pgi rocket from Piana del Sele, and the first packaging made from R-PP, a material that contains recycled plastic, for the two premium ranges called “Insalata degli agricoltori” and “Bonduelle BIO”. «The other two product innovations are part of our “Legumio” line of vegetable salads, a first in the 4th range market, ideal for lunch breaks “on the go” in the new normal, and the three new “Convenient format” items in the “Bonduelle s’impegna” range, Mix Prezioso, Lattugoso and Rustico, to meet the needs of the consumer who demonstrates a greater purchasing preference for convenience formats».

Bonduelle is the only 4th range company in Italy to have an accredited internal quality laboratory. «The company also owns two production plants in San Paolo d’Argon and in Battipaglia, thereby covering the whole of the country and guaranteeing the freshness of its products». Its strengths also include a dedicated team for category management projects, as well as attention towards, and adherence to, consumer needs (sustainability, Italian style and local focus). The company also has a fresh division, which is divided into 3 teams: sales, sell-out and trade marketing, so that it may operate with large-scale distribution and international markets.


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