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Mercato Italia Agri-Food Sector - Business status report

De Matteis Agroalimentare: «High quality pasta»

De Matteis Agroalimentare: «High quality pasta»

De Matteis Agroalimentare stands out on the domestic and international market thanks to its Pasta Armando line, the first to be certified, in 2019, for its highly innovative production method called “Zero glyphosate and pesticide residues”.

«Despite its origins in conventional agriculture, Pasta Armando offers zero pesticide residues - explained Fabrizio Nucifora, brand sales and marketing director - combining food safety with the highest protein levels, obtaining a pasta that guarantees firmness during cooking and excellent organoleptic characteristics. All of this is possible thanks monitoring of the production process that runs along the entire integrated and traced supply chain, which includes one-to-one contracts with about a thousand farms». Two other innovative products that have just been launched are the “Pronti e sani”, delicious mixes in 4 recipes, certified VeganOK, based on 100% Italian wheat, legumes and fruit, ready to eat or used as a compendium for salads or heated up, and the “Spaghettone”, the biggest spaghetti in the Pasta Armando line. Its drawing was devised by the chef and testimonial Alessandro Borghese and it is 100% Italian wheat without glyphosate and pesticide residues. «Innovation can also be found in the production processes, on the PastaSense line, one of the most modern in Italy, which applies artificial intelligence to just-in-time controls, achieving greater efficiency with less waste of resources».

An international presence, that of De Matteis, one of the top 10 players in pasta in the world, ranging from North America to Europe and the Far East in an impressive 45 markets: «We are present in all channels, from retail to food service. We focus on very modern technologies, production efficiency and sustainability (a proprietary cogenerator provides about 85% of energy needs). In the US, we have a branch that manages local customers, while for in rest of the world our parent company manages relations with large-scale distribution through a commercial key account structure».


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