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Mercato Italia Agri-Food Sector - Business status report

Conapi Mielizia: «We’re an example in the field of organic beekeeping»

Conapi Mielizia: «We’re an example in the field of organic beekeeping»

«Honey is such a natural product and one that is complete with all its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics that there is no need for product innovation. Technologies are used when it comes to anti-fraud controls, given that it’s one of the products that’s most counterfeited. We continuously cooperate with highly specialised external laboratories, in addition to the many analyses we carry out at our internal laboratory».

Nicoletta Maffini, general manager, illustrates Conapi Mielizia’s position on the Italian agri-food market: «Our innovation lies in launching new and innovative products in which bee products represent precious ingredients. We were the first to produce fresh pollen in trays and in a modified atmosphere. We then developed a range of products in which honey is an ingredient, such as fruit preserves, shortbread biscuits, crunchy bars sweetened with honey and honeybased supplements without the use of syrups or flavourings». The cooperative’s position is recognised abroad: «We’re an example for everyone in the field of organic beekeeping».

The strengths of the company lie in a unique and authentic supply chain: «We are neither buyers nor retailers, but producers of our own branded honey. Conapi Mielizia has 600 members throughout Italy who produce all types of honey, which is then packaged in companies in different formats, from glass to squeezers, to single portions. The customer can trace the entire supply chain by entering the batch number directly on our site». Large-scale distribution, at 80%, is the reference channel for both its own brand and store brand products: «Our quality standards are getting higher and higher, with very stringent specifications that even exceed the legal parameters. We’ve also obtained various certifications over the years. We’re extremely versatile and competitive on foreign markets, working on smaller batches, yet still guaranteeing customised production, labelling in different languages and ad hoc recipes. We also have a project on the horizon that focusses on our DNA, namely sustainability to improve water and energy savings».


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