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Mercato Italia Agri-Food Sector - Business status report

Amadori: «Italian style, quality, safety and sustainability are our values»

Amadori: «Italian style, quality, safety and sustainability are our values»

«The Amadori group is recognised as an innovative leader in the Italian poultry market due to the quality of its products, the breadth of its offering and its ability to meet the highest levels of expectation in the white meat category».

Corrado Cosi, Amadori's central director of strategic marketing and R&D, explains the reasons for this success: «Our values are clear and recognisable: Italian style, a culture of food based on tradition, but open to innovation, and a safe, quality and sustainable offering that matches the tastes of the consumer. Our industrial plan includes 500 million euros of investments over 5 years along the entire supply chain, in order to make the offering increasingly competitive, innovative and sustainable». One of the innovations already on the market is an expansion of some of our most popular product lines, such as the new Il Campese fixed weight and high service content items - Amadori chickens raised outdoors - ready to cook or already cooked and sold in lid trays, a packaging that guarantees ideal shelf-life, enhancing the premium characteristics of the product. «Birbe Pops are also new, real chicken popcorn in corn breadcrumbs that expand the offering of our best-seller, breaded chicken nuggets».

Completely new in terms of range and packaging - marking our entry into the breakfast and snack segment - are our fresh Pancake preparations, which, thanks to a measuring cap, can be kept in the fridge, avoiding waste. «Future plans envisage new investments in our production and organisational processes and further development of the 100% Italian integrated supply chain, focussing on sustainability and high quality supply chains, plant and non-GMO nutrition, and the exclusion of antibiotics (50% of the Amadori poultry production is already antibiotic-free)». Thanks to 3 primary logistics platforms and 19 distribution centres comprising branches and agencies, Amadori guarantees fast and widespread deliveries in Italy on a daily basis. «We are present in over 30 countries abroad, mainly in the EU, our reference area for exports together with Britain. Furthermore, we serve clients in neighbouring countries in Africa and the Middle East».

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